12 June 2014

Cascading Clusters

All this week, I'm crafting from this book called Paper to Petal.

It's brimming with floral how-to's and suggestions for them like decorations, gift embellishments and personal accessories.

Today, I'd like to zero in on the flowers that grow in clusters.

Like this fantasy mobile and these merry multiblooms:

Being an admirer of foxgloves, I hopped on the opportunity to fashion some.

I made some petals out of packaging paper {turn blah to TADA!} and traced on this shape from the limitless variety available here.

I added some color with a neon highlighter and paint.

I overlapped the sides of each petal onto floral wire, then secured with glue.

I added a strip of floral tape to each one. This keeps the petal extra secure and makes the flower look more realistic.

A little note on floral tape: keep it in a plastic zipper bag between uses so it doesn't dry out.

Time to curl the stems.

Then attach them to another piece of wire with floral tape.

I already like how it looks.

Flowing and flowery. TADA!

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