17 February 2014

From Russia with Love

Happy new week everyone! Have you been watching the Winter Olympics? The events have been exciting and inspiring at the same time. The games are being held in Russia which reminded me of the popular handcrafted souvenir that comes from there, the Matryoshka Dolls.

via russiangift
They are these nesting wooden dolls, each one carved and painted by hand. I remember playing with these when I was a child. My parents got one as a gift. I just loved how there was a doll within a doll within a doll! A whole collection in one neat package.

These dolls are so iconic, I wasn't surprised they were a jump-off point to many crafts that I found on Etsy. Here are my favorites:

via handz
An attractive poster with a play on words.

via yoltdesigns
A kitchen towel that's pretty and practical.

via Millionbells
A cute tea cozy.

via myrubberstamp
A set of rubber stamps that can be mixed and matched.

via valsartstudio
Charming felted dolls.

via osprojects
A set of useful pouches.

via dearvioleta
And a delightful necklace.

Aren't they adorable? I read this TADA! story about Matryoshka dolls, click on this link of you'd like to read it, too.

Have a fun week!


  1. Great post! I love the felted dolls and the stamps especially. And thanks for sharing my pendant here too. :)

  2. The teapot cozy and the felted dolls are adorable! Fascinating article by the way, if I ever travel to Russia, I will definitiely consider seeking out a handmade Matroyshka instead of the factory made ones. Thanks for a good read :)


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