03 February 2014

From Paper to Porcelain

Happy Monday folks!

On Friday, I mentioned that there will be a few changes to my blog -- this includes the frequency of my posts. If you visit often, you know that I have an entry from Monday to Friday. Beginning today, I'll be posting once a week. 

Doing so will allow me to have a work-life balance and give me some extra time to pursue my other goals for the blog. I'll keep you updated on these milestones as they happen. And if there's a topic that merits posting twice or even five times a week, by all means, I'll be doing that.

I hope you continue to visit every so often {thanks by the way!} and find some inspiration in my crafts and stories.   

Now on to this week's post. 

In 2012, I wrote about Gwyneth Leech. She's an artist who turns blah to TADA! She draws on used paper cups to create one-of-a-kind pieces of art, which are eventually turned into installations.

But now, everyone can have one of her cup drawings because her designs were turned into porcelain cups! They're available at Anthropologie.

I first saw these in December at their Fifth Avenue store. 

I like that there's still a handmade look even if these were mass produced.

There's a small cup and a big one.

Each cup is signed by the artist, with the title of the piece.

I secretly wanted to get one of each design but controlled myself to my favorite.

It's called "Studio View - water towers and a hot drink NYC".

If you're in New York City and decide to look up, you'll see these water towers atop buildings.

They're pretty iconic.

I love the artist's perspective here and the calm, sunny, and ordinariness of the drawing. 

Indeed, I used the cup for my coffee. TADA!

You can read more about Gwyneth Leech here.

Have a great week and see you on Monday!

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