19 November 2013

Take Away the Worries

"Look for these worry dolls." That was my Auntie Edith's last request from me.

My dear Auntie Edith, my mom's sister, was already at the hospital. Her spirits remained high but she was feeling much discomfort. Seeking different methods to ease what clouded her physically, emotionally and mentally. No harm in trying. 

In this tiny box are tiny people.

They are called Guatemalan Worry Dolls.

They can be purchased individually or as a group {doesn't this look like a family?}.

These are traditionally given to children. Legend has it that the dolls can take away their worries: "If you have a problem, then share it with a worry doll. Before going to bed, tell one worry to each doll, then place them beneath your pillow. While you sleep, the dolls will take your worries away."

I think these are adorable. They are local, handmade, and tell a cultural story. Just the kind of thing my Auntie Edith valued.

She is now in the great beyond. I'm quite sure she is peaceful and free from all worries.

I couldn't help getting a few more worry dolls that I'll hand to those near and dear to my Auntie Edith. She was just the kind of person to give away little gifts like these. 

I wish you a worry-free day today!

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