01 November 2013

Stamped and Flocked

I hope you guys had an exciting Halloween!

Today, another use for flocking powder but without the Halloween theme.

I'll use it to dress up some plain card stock -- my take on personalized stationery.
Traditionally, flocking powder is used for stamping projects. Aside from applying rubber stamps to ink pads, they can be applied to glue pads. The rubber stamp {now with a layer of glue} is pressed onto paper. The image is then showered with flocking powder, resulting in a velvety design.

I'm going to attempt to do this with the resources I have.

First, I decided on which part of the card stock I wanted the image. Then I marked the center with the help of a ruler and pencil.

Because I don't have a glue pad, I'm experimenting with tacky glue that I poured on a flat lid.
I set-up my work station by lining it with scrap paper {flocking powder will yield a mess}.

I gently immersed my rubber stamp into the shallow puddle of glue.

I cleaned up the excess glue from the edges of the rubber before stamping it on my card stock.

I piled on the flocking powder so that the entire design was covered.

I tapped out the excess flocking powder and here is the result. My technique doesn't quite capture the scalloped details of the border and the thin edges of the letter O.

I tried it again with this "love birds" rubber stamp.

A thick dusting of flocking powder.

Still the fine details do not come out.

But I still have a homespun greeting card just the same. TADA!

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