14 November 2013

Reminds Me of a Picnic

When I need a little dose of "cheap thrills", I head over to the dollar section of my neighborhood Target. The bins are filled with items ranging from $1 to $3. Many of them are functional like list pads, fridge magnets, journals and toys. And since the holidays are just around the corner, cute things abound! 

I picked up this adorable pouch {one of three designs}. I've told you that I fancy pouches to keep organized; these also allow for crafting on the go.

Here's the other side. It's cute alright but I'm pretty sure there are hundreds of girls out there who own this same pouch. I need to make it stand out a bit...a touch of blah to TADA! if you know what I mean.

I found some felt remnants and buttons begging to be used.

And because we have an "apple" theme on the blog this week {inspired by a day of apple picking}, I decided to make this apple out of the felt and buttons.

I sewed it onto the pouch with needle and thread.

And those metallic zipper pulls?

I replaced them with gingham ribbon.

Doesn't this remind you of a picnic at the orchard?

I like how the pouch is large and has two pockets to carry my daily essentials. And now, I've made it my own. TADA!

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  1. Too cute! That little splash of red on the zipper pull made a bigger difference than I would have thought.


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