21 November 2013

A Sweet Angel

All this week I've been celebrating the life of my mom's sister, Auntie Edith, who received her angel wings in October. Honoring her was the TADA! thing to do, and all the crafting has helped me through the sadness.

My Auntie Edith loved Christmas. She had the loveliest tree in all the neighborhood. She gave the most thoughtful presents and they were all wrapped with creativity and care. 

Today I'll be making an ornament, a new one to add to our tree. The materials are things I found in my craft stash: a clothespin, lace, strung sequins, gems and white felt. Hot glue or needle and thread are the other things we'll need.

The clothespin acts as the body. The lace as the dress. The sequins as the halo.

Wings made out of felt.

Embellish with more sequins and gems.

Add a face using a fine tip marker.

A sweet angel, as sweet as my Auntie Edith. TADA!

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