07 October 2013

Project Pouches

I hope you had a restorative weekend, lovelies! Do your days include pockets of waiting? Waiting for a flight or waiting for your kids to get out from school? How do you while away the time? I guess a smart phone or tablet would be an easy solution. But let's say you're the crafty type and want to do more creative things with your hands than just type on a keypad. Well, why not have a project pouch on hand?

project pouch is a kit for your current craft project. 

Here is mine. I got the canvas bag from my favorite craft store. It's roomy yet compact, and can easily be thrown in the washing machine to tidy it up.

Because I'm trying to improve my watercolor skills, this is what you'll find inside:

A pencil and fine tip pen, paper towels, an eraser, a small visual journal, a watercolor pan and a small cup {it's a sauce container from a take-out meal} which I can fill with water from a nearby drinking fountain. 

When I know I have time to kill, I take this pouch with me to keep me from going crazy. It's also great to have when inspiration strikes.

I was in Brooklyn one beautiful August day. I can never get tired of this view of the Manhattan skyline.

And so I took out my project pouch to record the scene.

Here is the product of the afternoon. TADA!

I chose to use different shades of blue. The painting feels calm and restrained.

Compared to this one I made last year which was busy with color and packed with details. Oh what a difference a year {and some watercolor classes} makes!

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  1. Hi Claire!
    Thanks a lot for sharing your artistic endeavours and enlarging my horizonts in this Monday morning! Know that I am very grateful for your daily updates and your themed weekly posts. They enrich my days.
    Thanks again e a great day!!



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