17 October 2013

Chalkboard DIY

Growing up, I had a mini chalkboard where I would practice my penmanship and draw silly doodles on. I also used it when I pretended to be a teacher with my stuffed animals as my students. Somehow, it felt powerful that I was yielding the chalk and I had everyone's attention {even if they were all inanimate}.

I'm happy that chalkboards never really went away, that's why I'm making some chalkboard-inspired crafts all this week.

But today, I'm keeping it old school.  

I'm recycling this wood backing from a damaged frame. I think it deserves a second life.

 A quick appointment with the sanding block for paint to easily adhere.

After cleaning the newly-sanded wood with a rag, apply several coats of chalkboard paint. Let this dry overnight.

 Before we can christen it a "chalkboard", a few more steps:

Apply a layer of chalk to condition the surface.

Wipe away the chalk layer with a damp cloth.

Add a hanging device -- I'm using some twine and hot glue. And now, I present to you our chalkboard:

I'd use it to make mundane chore lists more fun...just erase the completed task and move on to the next.

It's also great for making signs for any occasion. TADA!

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