06 September 2013

Thread + Type

Hey, hey, happy Friday! Now that we've got the basic materials for embroidery all set up, it's time to sew! 

I'm turning these fabric pouches from blah to TADA! They served as packaging for some jewelry I received. Similar ones can be sourced on-line or if you're sewing savvy, they're pretty simple to make.

I'm using these iron-on pattern transfers I got at a craft fair.

I'm digging the old school office supplies and cat eye glasses.

I cut around the pattern and figured where best to put it on the pouch.

Then I ironed the pouch to smooth out any wrinkles and to heat up the fabric. The iron-on transfer adheres better when the fabric is warm.

I positioned the design on the fabric ink side facing down

With the iron on cotton/wool setting {no steam}, I passed the iron over the pattern to heat it up {I held the iron over it for about 2 minutes} , making sure that it didn't move {if necessary, anchor it with pin}. 

I gently lifted up an edge of the pattern to check the intensity of the transfer {if it's too light, continue ironing until the desired darkness is achieved}.

Once the pattern cooled, I kept it with the other patterns in an envelope -- these can be used over and over again.

I sandwiched the fabric in an embroidery loop and chose black floss {two strands} to sew my typewriter. 

I used a split stitch for the straight lines {I'm pleased that it resembles a drawing}.

For the circles in the design {ex. keys}, I used a French knot {sounds fancy but very easy to do}.

And here is my tiny typewriter...TADA! 

Perhaps I can give it away as a token to a fellow writer, filled with index cards with writing prompts. What do you think?

Have a sweet weekend!

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