10 September 2013

Tea Towel Embroidery

One of my favorite sections at Anthropologie is their kitchen section. The curios are original, colorful and crafty.

I was naturally drawn to these tea towels. They make really nice hostess gifts. Then I thought, maybe I can make my own version.

I chose this plaid pastel tea towel.  

For the designs, I traced them from the book Little Stitches. I think a little girl on a bicycle is adorable.

But a little girl and a little boy on bicycles are extra adorable.

Add a few balloons for an explosion of adorable! As you can see, I traced the drawings with a pencil on white tissue paper.

I secured the design to the tea towel with pins.

Then sewed over it using a needle and embroidery floss.

Once all the stitches were in place, I gently tore off the paper. I used a pin to pry out any stubborn paper.

And here it is, kiddies on wheels...TADA! Looking at it, I should have made the stitches tighter and more defined.  And maybe used less strands of floss {they look like they're wearing cable knit sweaters! LOL!}.

 But it was a fun afternoon activity, nonetheless. See you all tomorrow!

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