18 September 2013

Strawberry Jam and Scones

Well hello there! Yesterday, I tried my hand at making some strawberry jam. It was quite effortless with only three ingredients, no cooking and no jar sterilization involved. 

Here's what the jam looks like after I let it sit in the fridge. 

I'm pretty happy with the thickness and how strawberry pulp peeks through the gel.

It was luscious on the the tongue, but I found it a little too sweet for my taste {I wonder, for the next time I make it, if it's possible to decrease the amount of sugar without the consistency being affected}.  

With the heightened sweetness factor aside, it was full-on strawberry flavor!

Strawberry jam served on some homemade scones {made by my husband!}.  Of course we didn't forget the clotted cream and the cup of tea.

This brought us back to our trip to the Cotswolds last year...a TADA! memory in our book.

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