09 September 2013

Little Stitches

Happy new week, everyone! I'm still under an embroidery spell so we'll have a few more sewing features if that's alright with you.

We'll base our designs on this darling book, perfect for the embroidery novice.

It's written by the talented Aneela Hoey whose writing voice is of a friendly teacher guiding the reader on essentials like putting together an embroidery tool kit, transferring patterns to cloth, and how to do basic stitches.

There are helpful photos and guides to complete a project.

Enclosed in the book are free patterns printed on transfer paper that can be used multiple times. The drawings have an innocence and familiarity about them. 

Just like last Friday, I'm using jewelry pouches. The contents are on regular rotation and sit on this dish on my dresser. Time to turn these bags from blah to TADA!

Because the fabric is sheer, it's easy to trace the design straight from the book.

Here's what my basket of cherries looks like all embroidered.

For the bigger pouch, I'll use the cherry tree.

With a combination of a chain stitch, running stitch and knots, I've added color to my pouch.

And for the final pouch, a pair of cherries.

Quite easy, really, but being aware to make the back neat and the knots hidden.

Cheery, cherry-themed pouches I can reuse to wrap small presents. TADA!

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