16 September 2013

All About Strawberries

Happy new week, lovelies! Today, let's do a little throwback.

In a town just outside of London, same time last year, I had the great pleasure of visiting a place straight out of a storybook. 

It's called The BarnYard. We stumbled upon it while exploring the English countryside.

I can imagine it to be a magical place to have a party.

 Or to enjoy a fun family feast!

There's a farm store and garden center on the premises.
But the best part {at least for me}, is their PYO or "pick-your-own" fruit. How lucky were we to have caught the tail end of strawberry season!

The vast strawberry fields. 

Fair warning: a great deal of crouching and rummaging through the leaves is involved, almost like an Easter egg hunt.

But the hard work is all worth it with red, ripe berries like these! 

Pinch it at the stem and put it in your basket.

You can also eat as you go!

Here is our prize from an afternoon of picking {the amount we paid was based on the weight}. It was a lovely dessert with a side of clotted cream.

I love strawberries -- they are the taste of summer, they summon good memories, and hint of decadence, luxury and pampering. That's why our blah to TADA! crafts this week will take on a strawberry theme. See you tomorrow?

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