12 August 2013

Ways with a Wooden Crate

Thank you for your visit today! Can I show off a recent purchase that I'm quite proud of?

It's a wooden crate that I got for about $15.00 at a discount store. I like that it's divided, I like that it has curlicue handles, and I like that the front panel doubles as a chalkboard. A TADA! score, wouldn't you agree?

If you're handy, this crate can easily be replicated with reclaimed wood or wood from the hardware store. Just paint or distress it afterwards.

Or why not use old crates from a flea market or garage sale. Just nail on some handles and turn the front into a chalkboard with chalkboard paint.

All this week, I'll show you how I turn this wooden crate from blah to TADA!

I think it's an organizing tool with so much character for the home or studio.

Put in some empty jam jars in each cubbyhole. 

 Add your most commonly used art materials.

Then with chalk, label accordingly. TADA!

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  1. Oh Claire..such great ideas. Can I come craft with you?? :) By the way I have an old wooden crate that was used for drink bottles..hmm, what should I do with it??


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