16 August 2013

The Edible Garden

Hey, hey, happy Friday!

I've listed a few ideas on how to turn this wooden crate from blah to TADA! 

From the many options, this is what I've committed myself to:

I turned it into an herb garden! As I've mentioned before, mini container gardening is an annual summer project of mine.

If you're interested, here's how I made it:

Drill holes at the bottom of each square.

These will serve as drainage holes {you can make them bigger}.

Add a layer of packing peanuts {recycled from the mail}.
Using pebbles or rocks is another option.

Put in a generous amount of potting soil.

Add in the herbs.

My herbs came from the farmer's market and the garden store.
These include thyme, mint, basil and rosemary.

All you need to do is remove the plant from the pot
it came in and loosen the roots before re-potting 
them in the new container.

Then water the plants. Each herb has different watering
needs {ex. daily; when the soil feels dry, etc.} that's why
I like that they're separated into compartments.

These herb labels add a little more TADA! {a good teaching
tool for kids who are learning to write, read and garden}.

When it's time to water, I like to make a roll call, "Hello, Rosemary!",
"How are you, Thyme?" {Talking to plants never hurt anyone, right?}

I've also included some cherry tomatoes and jalapeno peppers.
I'm now waiting for a happy harvest!

Have a delicious weekend, folks!

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  1. Beautiful container gardening, Claire! Makes it so much fun to go snip some herbs!


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