07 August 2013

Sublime Explorations in Paper

One of my most recent weekend trips was to Providence, Rhode Island.

Yesterday, I told you about a shop called Craft Land. It's a darling of a store! Aside from unique merchandise that's handmade by talented crafters, there's a gallery space for special art shows.

I was able to catch the exhibit, "Peaked, Sublime explorations in paper", highlighting the work of four artists:

Doris Hausler / Ingolsdt, Germany
Esther Ramirez / Chicago, Illinois
Matthew Shlian / Ann Arbor, Michigan
Rebecca Siemering / Pawtucket, Rhode Island 

These artists show off the versatility of paper like paper sculpture {Matthew Shlian}:

Or alter books to create decorative objects {Dorris Hausler}: 

Rework scrap paper to mimic clothing {Rebecca Siemering}:

 {I love this cape made of shredded paper -- doesn't it 
look like a fur coat?}

And wall art made by coloring and folding paper {Esther Ramirez}: 

{The initial sketch before the sculpture was made}

These artists have certainly turned paper from blah to TADA!

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