09 August 2013

Photo Inspiration

Friday has finally arrived! Before I send you off for the weekend, just a few more snaps from my trip to Rhode Island.

I take photos to help me remember. I also take photos of good ideas -- ones that turn blah into TADA!. Maybe like me, you'll find these useful, too:

No. 1: Hand-painted signs for a storefront: 

No. 2: Old sails turned into sturdy bags:

No. 3: Why settle for plain chairs when they 
can be painted in pastel hues:

No. 4: Photos on a clothesline as an inspiration board:

No. 5: Use drift wood for storage or to display merchandise: 

No. 6: Capture attention with a provocative headline: 

No. 7: Use more colored chalk:

No. 8: Make any gathering into a party:

I wish you all a joyful weekend!

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