23 August 2013


Today we conclude "Project: recycling paper bags".

 These handles were elevated from blah to...

TADA!: a rope and chain arm accessory!

 Instead of just tossing the bag away, let's make 
one that's more present-able. 

Cut out the labels on the bag to create windows.

We'll cover the windows of the bag with plastic rescued 
from a cleaned-out food container.

 Cut the plastic to size 
{a little bigger than the windows}.

 Attach the plastic to cover the windows 
using clear tape in the inside of the bag.

 Fashion new handles with ribbon or fabric. I'm using wire 
I saved from a Chinese take-out box dressed up
with colorful wooden beads.

 Tuck in a little gift {the windows give the recipient a
hint of what's inside}.

Or wrap the gift in tissue for an air of mystery. TADA!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


  1. Hi Claire, thanks for sharing your upcycling experiences.
    For me is always a very good experience seeing your transformations.
    Have a great weekend!!


  2. I just love how you keep re-using everything :-)


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