22 August 2013

Gray to YAY!

I'm happy you could stop by today.

 At the start of the week, we turned this paper bag 
from blah to...

TADA! -- the paper bag's handle
transformed into a bag charm. 

 TADA! -- the other handle jazzed up
for its new life as a necklace.

With both handles put to good use, maybe we could do the same for the bag. 

I gave it new handles -- these are wire handles rescued from a Chinese take-away box {TADA!}.

For embellishments, I'm using foam glitter stickers, ribbon and punched-out scrapbook paper {notice the polka-do theme going on?}.

The ribbon disguises any brand name printed on the bag and layering the paper {use mounting tape for a raised effect} makes it more party-ready.

 Here's what the "new" bag looks like.


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