08 August 2013

Coffee and Crafts

How are you my lovelies? Summer is the time to go outdoors, go on a road trip, get some sun, and gather inspiration.

We're still visiting Providence today, a city I knew I'd love even before I set foot on it. For one, I like its friendly and creative energy. There are also a handful of independent shops and cafes that are conducive to dreaming. 

That's exactly what I felt at the Small Point Cafe

The interiors are laid back with a bit of a bohemian, earth-friendly vibe {furnishing are mostly recycled, lights are LED and composting is a habit}.

It's a place that invites lingering: meeting friends for breakfast, or if by your lonesome, reading the morning paper or getting some work done on the computer.

The drinks {a cappuccino and a Chai latte here} are hand-brewed, and the food selection, local and organic.

But wait, there's more.

There's a gift shop within the cafe! A shelf displays a succinct product line championing learning, the environment and local talent. 

Here are some noteworthy items:

 Coffee bean sacks turn from blah to TADA! They now
have a second life as wallets and pouches.

 Picture frames made from reclaimed wood and bags
made out of flour sacks. 

Handmade greeting cards for any occasion.

The owners,  Adam and Anne, are artists who love good design, coffee, food and community. I would so love to hang-out with them!

And one day, maybe own a cafe and shop similar to this one. 

Sigh. One day.

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