05 August 2013

An Afternoon in Central Park

I hope you had a gorgeous weekend, dear friends! Last week, I shared a list of ways to nurture creativity. I'm heeding my own advice, and since the weather's been so fine, let's venture out of the craft room and go on a few little excursions.

How about an afternoon in New York City's Central Park?

There are riders...

and boaters...

and Bow Bridge pilgrims.

The Boat House that's not only picturesque -- they serve 
appetizing dishes, too.

This is one of my favorite places in the park.

It's the Bethesda Fountain.

If you're lucky, you'll find musicians and entertainers here.

Today, it's a fellow I'd like to call "Bubble Man."

Effortlessly, he made magic.

He produced these enormous bubbles.

You'll hear a gasp from the crowd and immediately 
the kids chase the bubbles to try and pop them.

With simple materials like a bucket with bubble 
solution {water and detergent, perhaps?}...

...two bamboo poles and rope weaved 
into a honeycomb pattern, he turned
blah to TADA!

Without a doubt, Bubble Man was a rock star!

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