19 August 2013

A Makeover: Paper Bag Handles

Hello and Happy Monday!

So I have this habit of keeping shopping bags and gift pouches -- to be reused for the same purpose or for something totally unrelated. 

The gray handles of this bag has caught my fancy. Gray handles. I know. I'm bizarre like that.

I've detached it from the bag by undoing the knots. Now that that's done, let me show you the inspiration for today's blah to TADA!:

I'm making the pompom embellishment {featured in this post}.

Of course we'll need some pompoms {I chose bright neon shades}.

Attach the pompoms to the ends of the 
rope/bag handle with hot glue.

If you have some yarn lying around, you can use that, too.

Just wind it around the rope/bag handle and secure with more hot glue.

Added some more yarn and TADA! -- my own pompom embellishment!

Tie it onto a bag handle...

...and my bag has instantly turned from blah to TADA!

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