18 June 2013

Sun Prints

Yesterday, we took a little trip to Terrain. One of the things I picked up was this exciting Sunprint Kit:

This kit plus sun and water allows us to make photographic-type prints.

I tried it out with some wilted leaves that remind me of seaweed.

I followed the pack instructions: layer cardboard, Sunprint paper {blue side up}, chosen item and an acrylic sheet.

My kit did not include an acrylic sheet {tsk, tsk!}. I improvised with a glass sheet borrowed from a picture frame.  I put this under the sun until the paper turned white {about one to five minutes}, making sure not to overexpose it.

 I peeled off the leaves and here is my photo image...TADA!

Rinse the paper in water for about one minute. 

 Remove from the water and dry flat.

My first attempt at making sun prints and I am hooked!
For more inspiration, check out this gallery.

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