05 June 2013

Drink Your Veggies

Thanks for visiting me today! If you've been tuning in, it's all about giving jars and bottles a makeover.  

Today's blah is this juice bottle.

I've been experimenting with green juices and this works as a handy container if I want to drink it on the go. Or if I've made a big batch, a bunch of these bottles can be stored in the fridge {but consumed in 24-48 hours to get the maximum nutrients}. 

This one's made with coconut water, spinach, cucumber, Granny Smith apple, ginger and lemon. You'll notice the pulp -- I used a food processor since I don't own a juicer.  You'll find a few easy recipes here.

The color may be quite blah
but the benefits are TADA! 

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  1. I found your blog last month, it's so impressive!
    Then I spent 2 weeks to finish reading ALL your older post. =)


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