13 May 2013

Spring Cleaning

Hello and Happy Monday! I've been doing some spring cleaning, getting rid of blahs so I have more room for TADAs. 

When I buy linens like curtains, comforters or bed sheets, more often than not, they're packaged in plastic zipper bags. 

Once I use the linen, I have a pile of these bags left. But you know that I don't have the heart to throw them away, right? Here's what I do:

I use them as a storage solution. This is where I keep pieces that we don't use as often, like formal table covers or placemats for "grown-up" entertaining.

I make sure to label each bag. That way, I know exactly what's inside. 

Even if I store these at the top of my closet, in a basement or attic, I won't be worried 
because the plastic protects the contents from dust, and {God-forbid!} any critters or water-damage.

A blah to TADA! idea, don't you think?

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