02 May 2013

Old Book, New Use

Do you have some books with nothing better to do but gather dust on your shelf? Why not sell them, donate them or join a swap? Somewhere out there, someone may just want that book of yours.

I found this box in a tiny literary shop in Red Hook, Brooklyn. I helped myself to this book. New York is a culinary town and it helps to have a guide on where to go, don't you agree?

It was nice to read about the back story of many New York institutions, but this book was published in the mid-80's. In some ways, it was quite outdated.

Here's how I turned my free book from blah to TADA!:

It's inspired by a photo posted by Fiona on Cafe Cartolina. All she did was take an old book, fold the pages in half towards the spine.

Instead of folding right in the middle of the page {thus resulting in a flat sheet} like Fiona did, I decided to keep the petal shapes of the pages. 

 I kept going until I achieved a half-moon shape.

Then I randomly put in some things that needed my attention -- business cards of people whose websites/shops I want to check out, flyers of up-coming events, and thank you notes that I need to write. I even added my watercolor daffodil for a pop of color.

This is also a TADA! idea to display your business cards if you're a boutique owner or in your booth at a craft fair -- keeps them from flying with the wind.

And because I only used a section of the book, there's space below to lay writing instruments or a cup of coffee {no need for a coaster}.

An old blah book is now an organization tool. TADA!

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