31 May 2013

A Tape Collection

It's finally Friday...hooray!

Yesterday, we made an envelope out of a doily and sealed the edges with decorative tape. 

Here's my humble collection of Washi tape. I think Washi tape is TADA! The blah -- I just stuff them in this sad plastic zipper bag.  

Then I saw this at the Michael's craft store. It's a desktop Washi tape dispenser!

 It's made of wood and has a removable dowel where the tape will rest.

Grommets are supplied if you want to attach more "shelves". 

Stackable shelves are sold separately. With this, it'll be easy to keep up with a growing collection.

It even has "teeth" to make cutting the tape easy. 

 Colorful tape all in a row, waiting to be used 
{or admiring them is just fine}.

Add some favorite writing instruments to the party.

Now that we're all organized, writing notes and 
wrapping presents will be much more fun.

Have a spectacular weekend dear friends!

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