14 November 2012

A Lot Like Liberty of London

I have accumulated a stack of brown paper bags from shopping and food take-out. As long as they are clean, I flatten them and keep them in case I need to wrap gifts. I like to dress up the bags in my own blah to TADA! magic using markers or paint.

Liberty of London
   Today, I'm using the floral prints that Liberty of London is famous for as a design peg.

I recreate the design by sketching.

Then I add some color.

I'm sticking to pinks...

...and white.

And a little bit of green.

You'll notice that I staggered the position
of the flowers instead of keeping them
close together.

A hand-painted bag to wrap a present
for a perfect friend...TADA!


  1. Hi Claire!
    Thanks for sharing your experience with brown paper bags, unfortunately here in Brazil they are rare because when we go to supermarket we got plastic bags or we bring from home recyclabe bags.
    Your painted flowers were very beautiful.
    It is always a pleasure seeing your blog.


    1. Thanks so much Lucia! You made me smile today! :)


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