19 September 2012

Wrist Candy

The same way interior designers assemble vision boards when developing looks for the home, I like to put together images for my blah to TADA! crafting.

Today, I'm thinking of ways to use up some embroidery floss from this project. Here are more ways to turn the humble thread into fashion accessories:

Wrist Candy


(1) A bevy of beads - string some beads on several strands of thread, while making knots in between each bead. Finish off with a tassel and a favorite charm.

(2) Bangle Fest - give plain bangles a new look by covering them in different colors of thread and securing the edges in place with a glue gun.

(3) Braided Cord - braid or crochet long strands of thread to create this piece that can be used as a necklace or bracelet. Decorate the ends with tassels or small pendants.

(4) One Word Affirmations - find a charm of your favorite word {rescue this from an old necklace} and string this on thread in your favorite shade. Wear this daily and believe in its power. 

(5) Color Collection - Braid different hues of thread into a long necklace or multi-strand bracelet, and hook on a few charms. A warning -- your friends might drool with envy when seeing this!


  1. Pretty bangles, Claire..but I'm not giving up my embroidery floss just yet:) I still like to embroider tea towels and such.

    1. Thanks Betty! I love the versatility of embroidery floss and there are so many colors available now :) Have a nice day!


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