24 September 2012

Purposeful Pinning

Hello there! There was a tiny phrase printed on my calendar last Saturday. It said, "September 22 - First day of Autumn". My heart sank a little. Don't get me wrong, I love Autumn and everything associated with it -- apple-picking, amber-colored leaves, thick sweaters, delicious scarves, and knee-high boots. But I have a love affair with summer, and parting ways is absolute blah.

Sorry for the melodrama. To make-up for it, let me tell you about my "Splendid Summer". It's a board on my Pinterest page. I put this board together because I joined a contest over at Oh Joy. The winner was to receive an iPad plus a few other goodies just by pinning images that defined "splendid summer". Instead of random images, I made the exercise purposeful by listing through pictures, "50 Things I'd Like To Enjoy this Summer."

I didn't win, but all wasn't lost. As I ticked off the items on my list, I felt I was making the most out of a fleeting season. Blah to TADA!

Number 50 on the list is, "Create a summer album", and I'm doing just that. All this week, I'll  share the things I've done this summer.

Today, it's all about the yummy things I ate:

I baked a batch of cookies (chocolate chip walnut)

I indulged in some shaved ice - this is a
Taiwanese kind with strawberries and
condensed milk purchased at the
Fulton Stall Market, South Street Seaport

Another kind of shaved ice, this
time Korean, called Patbingsu
from Paris Baguette

Instead of making popsicles, I bought some!
 They're gelato pops dipped in chocolate.
Found them at the Pop Bar.

Ate some lobster (lobster rolls
from Smorgasburg)

Grilled a few burgers at home

Took the annual pilgrimage to
Dairy Queen for a blizzard!
I wish you a delicious day! More photos tomorrow.

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