17 September 2012

Pretty Pillows

Hi there everyone! I hope you had a nice weekend. This week, I'm making a few inspiration boards for future gifting projects.

Today's theme is "throw pillows". They add color, comfort, and coziness to a couch or bed. Where I live, they can be quite pricey, so maybe I'll try my hand at making a few to give as wedding gifts or hostess presents.

Cute Pillows


Here's how I'd make these my own:
  1. Special Words - use a fabric pen and alphabet stencil {with the aid of a ruler} to write a favorite verse, family motto, or even wedding vows to a plain pillow cover.  
  2. Print on print - add a hand-stamped image using craft stamps and fabric paint or silk-screen an image onto a printed cushion case. 
  3. Black and white with a little bit of color - find a fabric with whimsical black and white images that will be sewed as a pillow cover. Color some areas of the images with fabric paint; allow to dry.
  4. A favorite word in felt - choose a favorite word {like "love" or "joy" or "smile"}. Write this on felt and make a cut-out with precision scissors. Sew this onto a bright-colored pillow case.
  5. Heart-y Party - add some color to a blah cushion cover by sewing on some felt or fabric cut-outs to make it TADA!

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