06 September 2012

Pompom Party

Happy Thursday!

Last year, I made a few pompoms with yarn I found in a garage sale, and cardboard rings detached from a ribbon spool. I turned my pompoms into a key chain, dressed up a beanie, and provided a colorful head of hair to some pens.

What a pleasant surprise to see pompoms in the September issue of the Martha Stewart Living Magazine! 

The editors have provided sophisticated ways to use pompoms, like adding an unexpected element to throw pillows. 

Or to add color and dimension to a lamp shade.

Decorate desk-top storage canisters with pompoms.

And heighten the soft and cuddly factor to a 
blanket by adding giant ones! 

There's also a pompom tutorial and a lesson 
on the different kinds of yarn you can use,
which I think is TADA!


  1. What a cute and easy way to spruce things up, add a dash of whimsey or eliminate the plain in some common household items! It's also cool that you beat MSL to the punch with your pom poms.

    1. Thanks Michele! I beat Martha -- teehee! :)


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