14 September 2012

Friendly Felt

A final photo inspiration before we jump 
into the weekend:

Don't these greeting cards crack you up? They are characters made of felt that can be turned into magnets once the card is read. Blah to TADA!, if I should say so myself. Plus each one has a witty name: Umbrella Ella, Wesley Whip, Cup-Katie and Tequila Terry.

I would love to make these little toys with fabric remnants or felt scraps, embroidery thread, and stuffing from an old pillow or dryer lint. Hot glue a magnet at the back, or sew on a safety pin for a cute brooch for a little lady. The matching card can be recycled from an old gift box -- crafting and recycling at the same time!

Wishing you a very inspiring weekend!


  1. they're SO cute...my daughter has a friend named Katie whose birthday is coming up! maybe she can sew a little cupcake like that one? ♥

    1. Hi Martha! Glad to have shared some inspiration! :)


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