11 September 2012

For Baby

I've secretly taken some photos of cute cards at the greeting card section. Okay, so maybe my paparazzi attempt isn't so secret since there are surveillance cameras all over the store. But I tried to be as discreet as possible, I promise!

Here's what I have for 'ya today: 

It's a congratulatory card for parents of a baby boy. I think we can create something similar with plain card stock. Colors can be added to the card using paint, the edges achieved with scallop scissors, and the salutation with a marker. The bunny slippers is a blah to TADA! sewing project. Make them with old towels or kiddie bibs that have seen better days. Eyeball a pattern, cut, tuck, fold and then sew! Hand-stitch the faces using black embroidery thread, and attach to the card with hot glue.  So adorable, yes?


  1. I love homemade cards. They are a treat to give and to receive and you have the best ideas, Claire! I often use your ideas and don't always say so..so now I'm saying thank you for your helpful blog, keep up the wonderful work!!

    1. Awww Betty! You really are the sweetest. You deserve a thank you, too, for being such a constant and enthusiastic friend of my blog


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