05 September 2012

Bowls and Dishes

I love magazines! At the airport, I'll while away the time at the magazine shop. When I'm at the bookstore, the magazine section is where I spend a good amount of time. I usually flip through the pages to decide if I'll buy them. If not, I'll speedily read through the articles I like, and leave without purchase, saving me $5.00.

The September 2012 issue of Martha Stewart, I just had to buy. There are wonderful ideas and recipes that I want to try.

If you have some bowls and dishes that are hiding in the cupboard, why not experiment with these:

Turn them into footed bowls to keep 
frequently-used jewelry.

Assign several for appetizers and dip.

Or use them to display desserts. 

Keep some by the sink in the 
kitchen or bathroom. 

Put the pieces together with adhesive. 

You'll find some that I made here, here, here, and here

An easy blah to TADA! that will allow 
neglected dining pieces to shine. 

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