22 June 2012

A Wire-y Situation

Hey, hey, Happy Friday! Maybe, like me, you have a handful of cables and charging devices wrapped around your desk. An eyesore and a mess -- what a blah.  Care for a TADA!?

via All You
Hide the power source {a power strip attached to a wall socket} and the charging cords inside a box! The box used in this adorable project is originally a box for ribbons  {the spools are stored inside, while the tails stick out from the holes.} 

You can clearly make your own using an empty blah box with a cover. Simply make holes using a box cutter or craft knife. Remember to make enough holes for all your chargers, plus another one for the power strip cord. Decorate the box and label each hole accordingly. No more tangled cords. TADA!

May you all have an awesome weekend!


  1. Una buena idea!!!!!! GRACIAS!!!!!

  2. Very smart and smart looking! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Of all the cute things..this one is right up there with cuteness!
    Hope you had a wonderful week, Claire!

  4. Thanks a bunch my dear Andaira, Candace and Betty! :)

  5. Nice idea. With what did you line those round holes with metal?

  6. Thanks for visiting Jack! The photo above makes use of an existing box(it really has holes with metal frames) which is meant to hold ribbons. It was re-purposed to hold chargers. They're available at many craft and organizing stores. :-)


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