11 June 2012

A Time Capsule

How was your weekend? I hope it was both spectacular and restful. I must say mine was quite productive, completing our home office {more streamlined and less cluttered than our former one} and checking off items on my errand list.

Queen Elizabeth II is celebrating her Diamond Jubilee this year, plus London is hosting the Summer Olympics -- thus the tea-themed crafts last week. Well, I have a few more ideas to turn tea envelopes from blah to TADA! this week. You don't mind, do you?

blah: empty tea envelopes 

 Give them a few coats of paint.

They now have a whole new look. TADA! 

I'm using this special craft punch {Martha Stewart, if I must name drop} to give the flaps a lace-like look.

And why not invite the ink and rubber stamp to the party? 

Then label with the years of your life.  

Glue these envelopes onto a scrapbook {or an old catalog so it's even more blah to TADA!} to make a time capsule.

Make a few tags {I used another kind of craft punch} using scrap paper or an old plain box. Decorate the tags however you like.

Assign a tag to each year envelope. Write down the highlight of the year {ex. a wedding, a big birthday, a new job, a baby, graduation, etc.}. Of course, you may add more tags because you're allowed more than one highlight per year!

Go ahead and add tiny printed photos or mementos like fabric swatches of your wedding dress, a lock of hair from baby's first haircut, or a copy of the key to your first home to your envelopes. I promise you a rush of emotions when you flip through the pages while strolling down memory lane.

Have a nice, nice day everyone!


  1. This would be cute for Christmas as well for a advent calender. What a cute scrap book idea as well. Enjoying your tea bag series.

  2. You're right Diane! These envelopes prove to have many uses. Have a great day and thanks for visiting today :)


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