12 June 2012

Something for my Journal

I drink a lot of tea. It's very soothing and studies indicate that tea is healthy. I acquired a new collection because of this daily habit:

...lots of empty tea envelopes! 

They have the potential to turn from blah to TADA!, as I've demonstrated the past few days.  

With just a little bit of paint... 

 ....and some hand decoration -- it's now an uber-cool 
secret keeper.

Write your thoughts or blessings on the inside flap. 
Then slip in a souvenir from your day. 

 Attach this to the pages of your journal or 
date book with glue.

Apart from your journal entries, you'll have something
tangible that helps tell the story of your life. TADA!


  1. Claire, you always come up with the greatest ideas!

  2. Vic, your comments always make me happy :) Thank You!


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