13 June 2012

Something for Father's Day

I hope your week is going along superbly.
I have yet another idea on how to 
recycle tea sachets.

Mind you, this isn't a plug for this tea brand.  I happen to like different kinds of tea. This one is readily available and the packaging is ideal for crafting -- it has a flap and is made of matte paper. 

It makes paint easy to adhere to it -- all you need is two to three coats. 

 Here are the white-washed tea envelopes.

For today's project, my inspiration is this iconic I Love NY t-shirt

Write "I Love Dad" on the tea envelopes. Or "I Love Pop", "I Love Daddy", "I Love Papa" -- whatever you call your old man.

Then on a separate sheet of paper, write the many reasons why. 

 Do this on your own or enlist the whole family.

After which, tuck the "reasons" inside the envelopes. 

Attach these to a place where dad will surely notice -- the bathroom door, the fridge, on the Sunday paper, or around his frequently-used computer or tablet. 

Make sure to shower Dad with lots of hugs and kisses on Father's Day. That would totally be TADA!

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