04 June 2012

A Royal Party

Happy Monday friends! Britain is having a party for Her Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.

via The Diamond Jubilee
She's celebrating her Diamond Jubilee -- that's 60 years on the throne, baby! At 86 years old, doesn't she look fabulous?

AP Photo by Tim Hales, via ABC 7
Yesterday, I spent part of my day watching Day 2 of the four-day event on television. There was a flotilla pageant on the River Thames. More than 1,000 boats of different shapes and sizes (from kayaks to sailboats from all over the world) sailed down the river led by the Gloriana, a gold leaf-trimmed barge powered by rowers. 

AP Photo by Dylan Martinez, via ABC 7
The Royals rode aboard the Spirit of Chartwell. A separate belfry barge's cargo was a chorus of pealing bells, and another carried the London Philharmonic Orchestra that played during the whole journey.

AP Photo by Matt Dunham , via ABC 7
Look at all the revelers -- they stayed even if it rained. Had I been in London, I think I'd want to be part of this historic event, too.

AP Photo by Scott Heppell, via ABC 7
Many shops sold memorabilia, babies born on this day were anointed "Jubilee babies", and artists captured the day by painting on their canvases atop a bridge as the flotilla glided by. What a spectacle!

This week, we'll craft with something that's truly part of the British culture. I'll see you tomorrow for some blah to TADA!, okay?

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