01 June 2012

Ribbons for the Wrist

It's finally Friday...yipee! The sun will be out (compared to the rainy first half of the week) and I can't wait to bask in beautiful weather. But before I bid you a happy weekend, here's a final idea to turn old watches from blah to TADA! 

blah: a collection of old watches, 
beat-up straps removed 

TADA!: Replace the old strap with a ribbon 
in your favorite shade. 

The cool thing about this is you can change the straps as often as you want -- just experiment with different kinds of ribbon. 

Make the ribbon extra long so you can loop it around your wrist several times.  

Make a knot and bow to keep it in place. 

Maybe use some lace? 

It's very lady like. 

It may be a little frilly, but try wearing it to contrast a rock and roll outfit. 

I hope my crafts this week have left you inspired. I wish you all a relaxing weekend!

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