19 June 2012

Old Tin Boxes

Hi there! This week, I'll be quite occupied organizing our apartment {we had a bathroom leak that led to one blah after another}. We'll also have some house guests, and we're going on a short trip, so crafting will temporarily be put on hold. I'm leaving you with inspiring photos for the rest of the week.

Do you have plans to garden this summer? Why not use old, blah tins as planters like the girls at A Beautiful Mess did. Or try empty tin cans with pretty labels. These add color, as well as character, to your garden, no matter how small your garden is!


  1. I like using different containers for gardening.
    Have a wonderful week, Claire!

  2. Hi Betty! I wish you the same :)

  3. We also use such old tins, good way to save some money and make a garden even more colorful! =)

  4. I agree Marta! Thanks for visiting! :)


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