15 June 2012

For Dad

Here's another idea on how to turn a box that was once filled with tea bags from blah to TADA!

 A pretty tea box...

 ...but it's empty! 

Allow box to air out for a few days to eliminate the trapped tea aroma. Paint it white for a clean slate.

 To embellish the box, I'm taking these neatly folded dress shirts from an old catalog.

 Cut them out with a pair of scissors.

 Then glue them onto the box. 

 Here's how it looks like from the back.

 And how it looks like from the top.

Use this to wrap a present for Father's Day. Top with a ribbon and heartfelt message on a card. That's sure to make any Dad/Husband/Grandpa smile from ear to ear.

Have a fun weekend and Happy Father's Day to all the Pops out there!


  1. I'm lovin' this idea and can't think of a soul..a man's soul that is who wouldn't:)

  2. You are so sweet Betty! Thanks! :)


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