14 February 2012

Light My Fire

Do you like mason jars? It's a vessel for storing jams and pickled fruits and veggies that you canned yourself. I have yet to learn the proper way of making my own preserves. In the meantime, I'm using these for crafting. 

blah: a mason jar that once contained
strawberry-rhubarb jam

TADA!: a container for matches

I saw a photo of this on Pinterest and I thought it was brilliant. You put the matches in the jar and add sandpaper to the lid. Just strike a match on the sandpaper to light it! I tried it out but it didn't work.

Maybe because I didn't use strike anywhere matches? I just have these ordinary ones. So here's what I did:

I put all my match sticks inside the jar 
but saved the boxes.

I decorated the lid and attached it in place with glue. I cut out the striking surfaces from the match boxes and glued these on the lid. Then I sealed the lid to the rim with some hot glue. This is necessary because the lid easily detaches from the rim and falls out when the jar is opened.

Just strike to light

Now I have all my matches in one place and storing it in a clear container tells me when I'm running low. Buddy it up with candles {but away from children please} and setting the mood can be ready in an instant. TADA!

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Great idea! I love re-using jars for all kinds of things :-)

  2. Happy to see you today Suzie! Thanks :)


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