03 February 2012

A Birthday Card in 3-D

Happy Friday!

I like to shop for crafting supplies such as these tiny fabric flowers.

I use them in many different ways like embellishing this heart-shaped ornament made from a cereal box and yarn.

When I used up all the flowers, I thought about using the cardboard backing and plastic circle too. Blah to TADA! baby!

I wrapped the cardboard in gift wrap, punched a hole on top and inserted a luxurious ribbon.

I made a birthday message with rubber stamps, collected some sequins and handmade confetti. I put these in the center of the card...

...and tucked them inside the plastic circle that I eventually secured in place with hot glue.

I like the 3-D effect that's going on.

It's interactive too!

I wish you a relaxing weekend!


  1. Thank you Miss Papgena -- it's a good recycling solution for plastic packaging :)

  2. Very very cute - i never would've thought to use the plastic circle like that!


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