22 September 2011

Plastic Confetti

Have you been liking our blah to TADA!
transformations this week?

What started out as plastic bags...

...ended up a gift toppers that can be used
over and over again.

Why would you want to throw these away anyway?

All this cutting, twisting and flower making
has left me with plastic remnants.

What you might see as trash, I look at as a
potential for another blah to TADA!

Cut these up into itty-bitty pieces and turn
them into confetti!

Then glue the confetti onto a plain paper bag.
{I drew the heart shape using a bottle
of all purpose glue, filled in the spaces
with more glue and gently added the
confetti, making sure there were no
bald spots}.

An easy & fun project that anyone can do!

Today's blah to TADA! transformation
was inspired by this photo:

I wish you a fun & colorful day!


  1. I've been enjoying it very much. And thinking of other uses to newspaper for the gift toppers...
    But today's sure overshadows what came before. What a lovely idea to decorate a brown paper bag :).

    Thank you,

  2. Hello Teresa! Your note was a super nice way to start the day :) Thanks!

  3. Oh Claire, I just knew there would be a use for the scraps..you rock girl:)

  4. So cute!! I am loving all the gift topper ideas this week!

  5. Thanks Betty! Down to the last scrap :)


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