27 July 2011

Tissue Box Transformation

So nice to see you today!

I have seasonal allergies and tissues are
something I keep within close range.

Because it's a necessity, I tend to choose
those that come in pretty boxes.
That way, when the box is empty and blah...

...I can turn the box into a TADA!

I made a notebook by cutting
two sides of the box & sandwiching
pre-punched scrap paper in between them.
Binder rings hold everything together.

The botanical print works perfectly for this
eco-friendly project.

Keep this handy to entertain the kiddies
while waiting at restaurants.

Have a great day!


  1. OMG this Blah to Ta-da is Perfection. And the Metro Card little notebook is genius! awesome way to recycle Claire, you are a modern hero.

  2. Hello Nuit! You sure know how to make me smile...thanks mucho! :)


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