27 May 2011

Picnics, Potlucks, Parties

Happy Friday girls & boys!
The warm weather has arrived and that means lots of
time outdoors -- on the deck, in the park, at the beach.

As you and I prepare for all this fun, let me give you a
run down of some of my past blah to TADA! projects.
I'm pretty sure these will come in handy.

blah: a bottle carrier made of cardboard
TADA!: a caddy to organize utensils,
napkins & drinking straws

blah: empty mint dispensers
TADA!: instant salt & pepper shakers

blah: old jam jars
TADA!: dessert in a jar {add a napkin & fork;
secure these to the jar with a rubber band}.

blah: plastic containers to keep the shape of apples or
pears {a common packaging option of warehouse clubs}
TADA!: a cupcake or muffin carrier
{put the cupcakes in the grooves and cover
with a second container; secure with tape}

blah: a plastic egg container
TADA!: a great way to transport deviled eggs!

I wish you all a very awesome weekend!


  1. I totally love the beer carrier makeover, I remember when you did it, and I tried to do it too, as a party favor for my son's birthday party but the only problem was I couldnt get enough of them... aparently i dont drink enough beer LOLs happy weekend Claire!!!!

  2. Happy Friday!!! I can tell it is already going to be a great day... weekend!!

    I freaking loooooooooooove all of these! So creative and simple!

  3. Oh Nuit, you remember! Thanks and happy weekend, too!

    Thanks so McKinley (love your name!). Take care!


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