19 July 2010

What's Old is New Again

Happy New Week to all of you!

Let me tell you about my necklace collection:

These are souvenirs from Asia, Africa & Latin America.
Here's what's blah about them -- I haven't worn them in years.
Maybe because I've put them on so many times, or
they don't seem to match my outfits anymore or
sometimes, I feel they are too "ethnic".

Do you feel the same with your jewelry, too?

If so, I think it's time for some blah to TADA!

Since these aren't precious heirlooms,
I decided to remove them from their strings.
{Empty egg cartons come in handy for this!}

Then I strung different beads together
giving them a new look.

This is a long red necklace
accented with two gold beads.

This one combines red & bronze wooden beads
with yellow gold Swarovski-like crystals.

I knotted a gold chain on this pendant
for a more modern look.
I can wear them individually or
mix them up.

Here's another combination.

All three necklaces layered together
can add sparkle to a simple attire.

More tomorrow!


  1. Great idea! I don't have much jewelry, but if I ever do (or I find a thrift store necklace I don't quite like) this is a brilliant way to make new out of the old! :)

  2. You're right Evie! It's good to find beauty in the blah :)

  3. wow! I have a bunch of those too! great idea =D {as alwayssss} xox

  4. This is such a great idea! I'm in the same boat with all my necklaces. Time to start taking things apart - thanks for the inspiration!!

  5. This is such a great idea!!! I never would have thought to take all the beads off unworn pieces and rework them. The new stuff looks awesome!
    Great idea for a blog....thanks so much for stopping by today and I hope to see you again soon.

  6. Thanks for saying hello today Nuit, Chelsea Lee and Lissa! I hope you'll have a great time creating new necklaces/pieces of jewelry!

  7. I love how you reuse everything. Excellent.


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